'Friends Don't Let Friends' T-Shirt


Image of 'Friends Don't Let Friends' T-Shirt

'Friends Don't Let Friends, Stay Domestic' is what the label reads...and the lifestyle we lead! Perfect for yourself, or as a gift to that friend you need to help get out of the country!

Both male and female cuts of this shirt have short sleeves. Female cut is more shapely to waist with V-neck. Both cuts are roomy.

Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for delivery.


  • S-Male
  • M- Male
  • L- Male
  • XL- Male
  • 2XL- Male
  • S- Female
  • M- Female
  • L- Female
  • XL- Female
  • 2XL- Female


Image of 'Friends Don't Let Friends' T-Shirt